Bruno Bernard (Bernard of Hollywood)

Bruno Bernard, famously known as “Bernard of Hollywood,” immortalized some of the most iconic photographs of Marilyn Monroe, capturing her essence throughout various stages of her career. His intimate relationship with the actress spanned from her pre-fame days to the pinnacle of her success. In a heartfelt letter to Bernard, Monroe acknowledged his pivotal role, writing, “Remember Bernie, you started it all.”

Bernard’s journey from impoverished orphan in Nazi Germany to celebrated photographer is as remarkable as his portfolio. Fleeing persecution, he escaped Germany in 1937 and settled in San Francisco, where he found solace in the vibrant atmosphere of the film industry. Despite lacking formal photography training, Bernard’s innate talent and passion led him to Hollywood in 1941, where he apprenticed at Max Reinhardt’s acting studio.

Inspired by the artistry of cinema, Bernard embarked on a prolific career behind the lens, capturing the allure of Hollywood’s biggest stars. From Clark Gable to Rita Hayworth, Lucille Ball to Elvis Presley, his lens immortalized the luminaries of his time.

Bruno Bernard passed away in 1987. Though he is no longer with us, his legacy as a pioneer in celebrity photography endures, his iconic images forever etched in the annals of Hollywood history.

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