Barbara Luisi

Barbara Luisi was born in Munich and at the age of nine she began studying the violin. After graduating from the Munich Arts and Music Highschool, she studied violin at Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Munich and obtained the Concert Diploma. She performed professionally for many years in several leading European orchestras: the Munich Philharmonic, Orchestre du Capitol de Toulouse, Bayerische Staatsoper and she was first violinist in the “Pocci String Quartet.”

These years of music stimulated and reinforced her sensitivities and her eye for the irretrievable moment. The visual images that she experienced in music were soon applied to her interest in photography. At age 17, she began to experiment with photography, and developed her work in her own darkroom. She eventually devoted her attention fully to photography. She has engaged in portraiture often relating to theatre and music, still-life, nightlife, and the human body. There have been many exhibitions of her work such a at the Musikveriein in Vienna, Geneva’s Victoria Hall, the Semperoper in Dresden, as well as galleries in Europe, USA, and Japan. She has collaborated and studied with Eikoh Hosoe, Art Streiber, Michael Grecco, Andreas Bitesnich, and Jock Sturges among others.

In 2012, her exhibition “Pearls” was presented at Lincoln Center, New York, at the museum, Fondazione Remotti, Italy, at Praslin, France and in Chopard, Germany. In 2013 she showed in New York, Geneva, Rome, Buffalo, and in a 2014 in a solo exhibition at the Maison Eropeenne de la Photographie in Paris she presented her night seascape series, “Dreamland.” She now lives and works in New York and in Camogli, Italy.

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