Sasha and Painted Screen, Shadow Dancing Series

Back print: Inkjet Lustre to ACP Facemounted front print: Epson Crystal Clear

Signed, titled, dated, and editioned 1/10 on certificate of authenticity affixed to verso. Color image front mounted to plexiglass.


Following her underwater work, Barbara Cole’s curiosity in creating a photograph resulted in her series, Shadow Dancing, in which she uses a 150 year-old photography technique: wet collodion. The series depict various scenes of models in motion, gliding through the picture, creating a beautiful, three-dimensional dance between light and shadow. Her preference in using one of the very first forms of photography allowed Cole to slow down the overall process that goes in to making a single picture, and spend a significantly longer time in the dark room. Cole almost shortens the distance between the past and the present by taking a primitive form of photographic process, and modernizing it by adding color to the tintype, creating mysterious pictures of beige, gray and brown shades.