Arthur Tress

Arthur Tress is best known for his New York photographs. The concepts he explored there have been extended into many new directions, especially with the color photographs that have dominated the work of recent years.

Magic, theater, and fantasy combine to produce a mythic vision of the world. Tress frees photography from its naturalistic roots and invests it with symbolism and imagination. The photographs introduce an emotional “chiaroscuro” that disturbs and intrigues the viewer.

His earlier, darker, vision has been replaced by the introduction of a mischievous humor. Here burlesque and witty iconclasm conspire to delight.

By subverting everyday objects he creates a rich texture of myth and meaning.

Tress is an internationally renowned photographer with work in almost every major museum in the world. These include the Whitney, MOMA, Centre Georges Pompidou, Stedelijk Museum, and the International Museum of Photography.

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