Cathleen Naundorf, The Last Sitting III, Elie Saab. Grand Palais, Paris

JANUARY 22 – FEBRUARY 12, 2022

Cathleen Naundorf is one of the most dynamic and creative artists working in the genre of fashion photography. Her inspiration began with the fashion statements of some of the world’s greatest couture designers, such as Chanel, Saab, Lagerfeld, Dior, Gautier, etc. She uses their creations to structure her large-format black and white and color images. In her work, she often uses backdrops from museums, formal gardens, hand-painted stage sets, and exotic locales to set against the models and garments. Her work has a timeless feel – and engages our senses of mystery, desire, and beauty in the resultant images. She has primarily used large-format Polaroid film and often peels the back off the film stock – allowing the pooling dyes to transfer to another surface – abrading and transforming the image. Naundorf’s photographs push the boundaries past those of commercial photography with their lush, saturated surfaces.