Laboratorio del Dr. Paz-Viera, Cartagena, Colombia
Mario Algaze
Laboratorio del Dr. Paz-Viera, Cartagena, Colombia
Selenium Toned Silver Gelatin Photograph
1987, Printed 2006
20 x 16 inches

Signed, titled, date executed and date printed in pencil on verso.

3 Voices From latin America

Holden Luntz Gallery is pleased to present our spring exhibition, “3 Voices From Latin America.” Flor Garduno, Mario Algaze and Javier Silva-Meinel were born in Mexico, Cuba and Peru. Each photographer has relied on the art of photography to tell stories and depict imagery from their native cultures. Flor Garduno is a poet-photographer. She was born in Mexico City in 1957. Flor apprenticed for the photographer Manuel Alvarez-Bravo for 2 years to learn the foundations of photography. In Flor Garduno’s photographs the sacred and symbolic are revealed in daily life. Her work has an emotional strength. Her photographs in this exhibition primarily deal with the nude, fruits and flowers. Her subjects take on a metaphoric power. The nudes are personal and intimate. She knows her models and these photographs are taken in interiors with natural light. The bodies are not idealized, but expressive with their beauty coming from imperfections. In the preface of her book, Inner Light Veronica Volkow writes, “Each fruit, each body, is like a star: it radiates a beauty that emerges from an overflowing richness…The nude and the flowers are instantaneous epiphanies, feasts of an excessive truth, of softness and freedom so often hand in hand.”